How to measure your ring size

There are several ways you can measure Ring Size and these will also vary by country. In the UK ring sizes are alphabetical, in the US they are numerical, and in continental Europe Ring size is based on diameter or circumference.

Ring size conversion chart

Measuring your finger

To measure your ring size:
Wrap a piece of string around your finger. Make sure it’s not too tight, or too loose. Just right. 
Mark the string where the two ends meet and measure. This is your ring circumference.
Match the measurement to the circumference column in our conversion chart. If the measurement  falls between 2 sizes, we always advise to order the larger size.

Ring sizes

If you already know your numerical ring size please refer to the above conversion chart to confirm your UK ring size.

How to measure a ring

Choose a ring that fits comfortably making sure that the ring not too snug.
Measure the INSIDE diameter (length side to side) of the ring.
Match the diameter to the ring size on the above Conversion Chart. If it falls between 2 sizes, we always advise to order the larger size.

Buying a ring as a gift

The best way to find out someone else’s ring size is to measure the inside diameter of one of their rings, making sure it is from the correct finger. Then check it against our Ring Size Conversion Chart.

Still not sure?

If you are unsure about your ring size, you can either visit us at our showroom in Notting Hill, go to your local jeweller and get measured, or call our customer service number on +44 (0) 7340 195690 and get advice over the phone.