Proper jewellery care is essential in order to keep your jewellery looking beautiful for years! Remember that silver and gold are soft metals that can dent, and gemstones can be damaged, chipped or even shattered if struck against a hard surface with force. Also, harmful chemicals can discolour or cause damage to jewellery.

Caring for your jewellery

Avoid spraying the jewellery with perfume, hairspray, body oils, sun tan lotion and deodorant as these often contain harmful chemicals or abrasive materials as these could cause discolouration. Rule: Perfume first, jewellery afterwards!

Do not drop the jewellery on hard surfaces.

Do not swim or shower while wearing gold-plated or silver jewellery, and remove rings when washing your hand as chlorine, salt water and fresh water can damage precious metals and gemstones by dulling or eroding them. Soap can also leave a thin film which makes the metal seem dull.

Do not keep jewellery in direct sunlight as prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause many gemstones to fade and lose their colour.

Storing your jewellery

Always store your jewellery pieces individually, in the ASSYA silk pouches or boxes provided in order to avoid breakage or the jewellery pieces scratching each other. Also, remember to keep your chains fastened so they don’t become all tangled.

Keep your gold-plated and silver jewellery in a cool, dry place.

Over time, sterling silver will naturally become oxidised and eventually tarnish; this is caused by the sulphur in the atmosphere, which is why centuries ago silver kept its shine much longer as there was very little pollution! To keep out the air that causes oxidation, store your gold-plated and silver jewellery in a sealed plastic bag or airtight box when not worn.

Cleaning your jewellery

Clean your jewellery carefully with a soft, non-abrasive and lint-free cloth. You can also clean tarnished jewellery with a soft toothbrush using mild soap and water and dry using a soft felt cloth. Avoid using ‘dip’ polishes often, as these contain harsh chemicals and can destroy your jewellery over time. A soft jewellery polishing cloth with tarnish preventive will help you keep gold pieces lustrous and shinning. Some gemstones will require special cleaning procedures.


If you are allergic to gold-plated earrings, or get a rash / itchy reaction when wearing them, try putting a little bit of clear nail varnish on the post and scroll! Once it wears off just re-apply it.

Vermeil can fade after time, so in order to keep your plated jewellery looking it's best, we offer a replating service at the following charges:

£15 for small items (rings, small bracelets, pendants)

£20 for larger items (Large rings, Cuffs, Link necklaces)

We guarantee the plating of all of our vermeil products to last for 1 year, so if your items needs replating before this 1 year period, we will replate for free.