Celebrating Galentine's Day

Who said Valentine’s Day is only about celebrating romantic love with a partner? I was lucky enough to be born on February 14th, and so never ever did I have to worry about being alone on Valentine’s. Partner or not, I always had my friends around me to celebrate and they always got me flowers, chocolates or presents!

Thankfully the Valentine celebration has become so much more! And this year we are all about celebrating! Call it Galentine’s or Palentine’s, it has become about celebrating Love and Friendship! 



So, what exactly is Galentine’s Day? And why is it so important particularly this year?

Galentine's day is a non-official holiday celebrated on February 13th. It’s a day to celebrate the love you have for your girlfriends, single or not and show your love and appreciation.

 After all, if it wasn’t for our Gals (and Pals), how would we have survived the past 2 years?

 They have listened to our endless crying and complaining about work, partners, or children. They have put up with us doing the most absurd online activities. They have gone on those long walks in the park with us even though they absolutely hate walking. And They have sat with us to have an outdoor drink, no matter the weather so we could just get out of the house.  Most importantly they have saved us from boredom and loneliness!

According to research by the Mayo Clinic, not only do friendships make you feel connected and help you cope with the stresses that life throws at you, they also help reduce significant health problems such as depression, high blood pressure and an unhealthy body mass index (BMI). In fact, studies have found that older adults who have meaningful relationships and social support are likely to live longer than their peers with fewer connections.

Where does Galentine’s come from?

This wonderful holiday first originated in 2010 in an episode of Parks and Recreation. The Character Leslie Knope organises a brunch on February 13th, Valentine’s eve, to celebrate her girlfriends. The drink mimosa’s, eat breakfast, whilst the hostess lavishes her friends with well thought out presents and lots of appreciation.

And how should we celebrate Galentine’s Day? Well anything goes really! You could organise a bottomless prosecco brunch, get a Mani/Pedi together, organise cocktail happy hour, go to an art gallery together, or book at a fancy restaurant. If they live far away, organise a ‘watch party’ with champagne and chocolates! Whatever it is, spend some time with your favourite people!

 What should I give for Galentine’s? A card to show your appreciation will go a long way. But sometimes you want to go the extra mile to say: ‘thank you for being there for me’.  My favourite BFF gifts include a yummy smelling candle, pretty a lipstick, some bubbly, a good book, and my all-time favourite, an ASSYA friendship bracelet.

Our Panama Friendship bracelets are a great way to show your love! Inspired by the woven fabrics in Central America, they are hand woven on an Italian loom using a unique Florentine technique. Braided from colourful Natural Silk thread and Gold Vermeil & Silver chain, they make a great gift whether one, two, or three!

Each bracelet colour represents a different wish that you may have for the person you are giving it to…chose the right one for your loved one!

  • Red: passion, good luck, adventure
  • Orange: happiness, joy, excitement
  • Yellow: friendliness, optimism, creativity
  • Green: hope, nature, compassion
  • Blue: peace, inspiration, loyalty
  • Purple: friendship, sophistication, luxury
  • Pink: affection, love, kindness
  • Black: energy, power, confidence
  • Brown: stability, comfort, reliability
  • White: kindness, truth, clarity

The silver & gold in each bracelet comes from Fair mined certified mines, and are beautifully packed in black recyclable gift boxes

Price: £80 each